2019 Martin County Arts Council Fine Art Show
Best in Martin County "Brown Pelicans" by Lena Faye Modlin

Jewelry & Metal
1st Place "Light" by Michael Hall

Fiber Arts, Woods & Paper
1st Place "Cherry/Blood wood/Onyx Box" by Richard Lasher
2nd Place "Lone Wolf" by Daniel Brownfield

Sculpture,Pottery & Glass
1st Place "Tunnel to Heaven" by Carolyn Sleeper

Graphics & Mixed Media

1st Place "No Rules" by Kathy Daly
2nd Place "Saw White Owl" by Lena Faye Modlin
3rd Place "Night Flight" by Al Ambrose
Honorable Mention "Good Boy" by Daniel Brownfield

1st Place "Blue and Violet" by Myra Bowen
2nd Place "Birds Eye View"by Lisa Smith-Gargaro
3rd Place "Hamilton Rosenwald School" by Mike Bennett
Honorable Mentions "Winter Birches by Linda Schadler
"Osprey-Birds of a Feather" by Susan Schaefer

1st Place "The Talk" by Gerald Knight
2nd Place "Beauty in Red" by Norlina Kelly
3rd Place "Peacock's Jewels" by Pat Boyd
Honorable Mentions "Spring Song" by Kaye M. Wool
"Water Fall" by Lena Faye Modlin
"Bear Path" by Pat Boyd
"Yellowstone River Valley" by Beverly Lasher

North Carolina Arts Council
50 Years of Leadership
This project was supported by the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the
Department of Natural & Cultural Resources.