MCAC 2018 Annual Fine Art Show Winners
First Place Quiet Solitude - Norlina Kelly
Second Place Branch Manager - Pat Boyd
Third Place Joyful Creativity- Lou Everett

First Place Poppies - Isabel Farrell
Second Place To The Garden - Nancy Scoble
Third Place St.Martin Episcopal Ch. - Mike Bennett

Graphics/Mixed Media
First Place Going Home - Lisa Smith-Gargaro
Second Place White Mountains of Peru Dianne Cinkovich
Third Place Portrait of a Girl - Mike Bennett

Sculpture, Pottery and Glass
First Place Those Things You Hear - Carolyn Sleeper
Second Place Welcome Spring - Midge Amos
Third Place Delta - Carolyn Sleeper

Fiber Arts, Woods and Paper
First Place Walnut/Ambrosia Jewel Box Richard Lasher
Second Place Trio in Leather Paula England
Third Place Curly Maple/Purple Heart Box R. Lasher

Jewelry and Metal
First Place One Idea - Michael Hall
Second Place Seen Through My Eyes - Michael Hall

Honorable Mention
Sleepy Owl - Pat Boyd
Cocoa on the Waterfront - Erskine Spruill
Everett James Collection - Mike Bennett
Low Land - Patricia Zeggert
Jamesville Farm - Patricia Zeggert

North Carolina Arts Council
50 Years of Leadership
This project was supported by the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the
Department of Natural & Cultural Resources.